Mission and Philosophy

Pain should not be treated as its own entity. Rather, pain is symptom a resulting from an accumulation of noxious stimuli that are not controlled. It is inappropriate to focus on a symptom when the causes and the magnifiers of those causes go unaddressed.

My mission is to identify and remove all the sources and magnifiers of pain symptoms, particularly the simple, transparent, behavioral conditions that are infrequently identified or addressed. When this is successfully accomplished, the pain syndrome is controlled, usually without medication.

The focus is all the factors of causation, and only indirectly on the symptoms (pain).

My tools are:

  • A detailed history, of all anatomical and behavioral activities in the 24-hour day that contribute to the unwanted symptoms.
  • A physical evaluation to identify anatomical and behavior-induced musculoskeletal strains.
  • A review of records and previous response to medication, treatment remedies, stresses, and activities.

Current Research

Many chronic pain issues and maladies exist without medically-explained and definite causes. Results of Dr Gillick’s research has shown that there is a correlation between distorted sleep posture and certain key afflictions such as back pain, headache, jaw pain and breathing difficulties.